Now hiring an evening dishwasher. Full or part time, your choice, for our tuesday through saturday shifts.

you will be working directly for the owners and our head chef. a little bit about us...

We have a combined SIXTY YEARS experience in the restaurant business working with brands such as; Islands – Fine Burgers and Drinks, Johnny Rockets, Texas Roadhouse, Sizzler Steakhouses, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Boston Market. We have worked in positions from restaurant operational management, corporate and franchise training, human resources and executive positions.


We also operate a KCBS Competitive BBQ Team – “Fatty Belly’s Firehouse BBQ”. We have a passion for people, service, food and FUN!

a little about our philosophy...

We believe that there are FIVE pillars of success in the restaurant business:


  1. Take EXCELLENT care of people – Service is our invisible product, it cannot be stored, but it can be given away! It is most genuine when spontaneous and is at its worst when discretionary. It makes good meals taste great and keeps Guests coming back. It costs us nothing, so HEAP IT ON!

  2. Build REPEAT business – New Guests will visit us by chance. A GREAT experience on the part of our chef’s, server’s, bartender’s and manager’s will turn that chance into a CHOICE next time they dine out. Repeat business is our lifeblood! Let’s give every Guest a memorable experience, every time!

  3. Have a RELENTLESS PURSUIT of EXCELLENCE – If you see, sense or know a better way to do something that will improve our people, product or processes, please let us know. We promise to listen to your ideas before you have to listen to ours! None of us is as smart as all of us, so please bring your brain to work on every shift. Excellence is a journey, not a destination.

  4. Profit is NOT a dirty word – Profit is realized by minimizing costs and maximizing sales. To that end, please follow our recipes, don’t over-portion or over-pour and don’t overheat or overbeat. Also, remember that to serve is to sell! When you suggest and sell a beverage, appetizer or dessert in addition to a sandwich or entrée, we stand a better chance of improving our profit. So SELL, SELL, SELL!

  5. Have FUN everyday – The restaurant business is the best business in the world! You are getting paid to have fun! Have fun with who you serve, who you work with and what you do. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

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